About me

Hi! I’m B and I love cats (I have three!) I first fell in love with cats when I was 19. I thought I HATED cats and was totally creeped out by them. But it was a difficult time in my life and my mental health was at a true low point. I felt so lonely but knew I didn’t have the time or energy for a dog, so I decided to visit kittens at the shelter. Immediately, I fell in love with a tiny orange ball of fluff who I named Gracie and she changed my life. I had a true companion and I realized how fascinating, loving and intelligent cats are! I had Gracie for 9 years, until she suddenly succumbed to leukemia. After about a year of telling myself I couldn’t handle the heartbreak of losing another cat, and worrying that I was betraying her if I got another, I realized that the act of rescuing from the shelter changes a cat’s life for the better and I wanted to do that for more of them- in her honor. It was after that that I adopted my next girl, Avery! She is such a sweetheart but a bit skittish, so I thought a friend might be best. I adopted Walter (a really sad story which I’ll get into sometime in the future.) While I don’t have Walter anymore, a few years passed and I decided to try again with Toby- a rambunctious little boy. He’s a tabby and so sweet as well. He and Avery are……frenemies. I could tell Toby wanted to play more than anything, and Avery simply wasn’t interested, so finally, I got Twyla. She’s the baby and loves to be held and she and Toby are BEST FRIENDS. So now I have three!! They have all changed my life so much for the better, and have a hugely positive impact on my life! I think cats are the best companions out there and wanted to share my love of them with others out there!